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How to apply for passport online

Procedure for applying passport online:

First of all you must know which Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) you belong to.
You can locate your Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in two ways:

1. By selecting the nearest Passport Office  (PO)
2. By entering the pin code of your city / town for those who don't know their nearest Passport Office (PO)
To know your PSK click here

 After selecting your nearest passport office. You will get the list of passport seva kendras (PSK's) which come under your Regional Passport Office (RPO)

I have selected Hyderabad passport office. The PSK's belonging to Hyderabad Passport Office is shown below

Now you will get a clear idea of PSK's in your region and you can apply for the nearest PSK as it saves travelling time.

Now you have to fill in the passport application form / e-Form for Fresh passport / Re-issue of passport

Note: You have to fill the form with appropriate details.

The passport application form / e-Form can be downloaded  here

The passport application form / e-Form is a Portable Document File(PDF). After filling the document you have to save the document and you will get an xml document.
 After filling the document, You have to register in passportindia website.

Register in the passportindia website here
The registration page will be as shown below